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This is an Anonymous Blog

This Blog is not Government sponsored but written by a foster parent currently going through the foster adoption process. For this reason, it will need to remain anonymous.

It is one woman’s journey covering the ups and downs of a roller coaster ride as well as the pain and the joy along the way. Focusing on strategies to help your individual process and help you navigate the system while staying sane. It may even help you decide whether that road is for you…or not.

The hope is that one day, this Blog will become a book about the realities of Foster Adoption.
It will be shaped by you, the reader and your valuable comments. I will be blogging my thoughts as I go and welcome comments and feedback from anyone reading this blog.

Out of the closet! Here we are!

May 25, 2014

Out of the closet! Here we are!

Here is my little family on Adoption Day. A proud day for us, long awaited. 3.5 years in fact.
I feel I can finally disclose who I am, there in no longer fear that my blog would cause an issue with our adoptions. Please read and follow.

Finally…a Baby! despite unbelievable odds

September 28, 2013

our boy manifest photoIt has been a long wait for this update and much longer wait for our family!

we got the call on an otherwise normal Wednesday afternoon. a 4 month old baby boy was available for us to adopt and were we interested? We’re we interested!? We were absolutely elated!

It it turns out that the very same baby boy who we were offered when still in hospital as a “legal risk” child was ow being offered to us to adopt!  It is quite a story I will give you the short version. (to get background read post” there is no excuse but devastation”.

A 42 year old woman went to the hospital and delivered a baby boy 6 weeks early. It was her plan for no one to know about this boy, not even his father. She was planning to give this child up for adoption to a well known agency. This agency worker had asked the mother of the Métis baby “how light is the baby’s skin?”. This had angered the mother and she left the hospital without signing the adoption papers. Thus the baby was classified as “abandoned”.

family services then entered a 3 week tug of war with the adoption agency. The adoption agency stood to make quite a sum of money if they placed the child for adoption. They both petitioned the court and the court decided that the baby was to be in the permanence custody of Family services (PGO). The Family services supervisor in charge decided that the baby should then be entered into the general adoption pool, rather than offered to us as a legal risk foster placement. (Read”there is no excuse but devastation”)

so a permanency placement social worker was chosen and he set about the task of reading stacks of home assessments from waiting parents hoping to adopt. Ours was just one of them.

Despite those odds that worker decided that ours was the best match for a family for that child. We have no idea what his criteria was to choose  us but we are over joyed none the less. We have welcomed him home and even got to name him!!! Our 4 month old baby boy!!!

I promise I will catch up with posts over the next few weeks and tell you all how it has been going. What a whirl wind!!!

There is no excuse but devestation

July 9, 2013

The title says it all. There really is no excuse to leave people hanging. What I will say is that the results of the next 3 weeks following the 24 hours we were given to decide we’re a roller coaster of emotion.

We were not prepared to be offered a newborn baby. Not in our wildest adoption dreams did we think we would be taking one right from the hospital! We decided we wanted to go ahead-I mean who are we to turn down a once in a lifetime foster adoption opportunity? It did come with legal risk however. This baby had been abandoned at the hospital, there was a risk of the parents or extended family coming forth. We were in the unique position of being an adoptive home with a foster care licence. This qualified us to take the baby immediately upon release of the hospital.

the mother didn’t sign the paperwork for the adoption agency previously agreed to take the baby. The result of the mothers carelessness was 3 weeks of legal battle between family services and the adoption agency. Family services won, and the court ordered the baby PGO, permenance custody of family services and therefore eligible for adoption.

We were on a 3 week roller coaster waiting for the decision. it was absolute agony! everyday we woke wondering if today was the day, and every night just wanting it to be over! When children’s services was awarded the baby who was now eligible for adoption, they decided we were no longer the home. The child should go into foster care while the baby’s worker reviewed hundreds of families for the adoption. This would take months. We were utterly devastated!

The result of being left hanging and our emotions raw, our families frustrated and angry for us. This was all too much after waiting almost 2 years for an adoptive match only to be disappointed like this. The result in myself was a deep depression. The only reason I had to get up in the morning was our daughter, thank God for her.

I can write about this now because I am better, our matching has taken a turn for the better, but more importantly I went through the grieving process and worked through the depression.

My next post will be coming soon, I promise you I will go into more detail and updates very soon. It was a very long hard journey to get to the place I am today and finally able to write about this. More to come.

48 hours to decide:the biggest decision of our lives!

October 31, 2012

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you didnt even see it coming.
As you may know if you are following, about 3 months ago we took in an almost 2 year old foster boy and have been waiting for his court process to remove parental rights so we could later hopefully adopt him. It has been a very busy and rocky 3 months with his many attachment issues and the fighting, playing and general chaos going on between our girl and this boy so close in age. We have had our work cut out for us and very small advances made so far.

yesterday we got a call from our adoption worker. We had all but forgotten we were still on the adoption matching list.

She said that We have been chosen to adopt a premature baby boy, one week old and still in hospital. Chosen out of a long list of waiting homes by that childs social worker. Wow, I was completely dumbfounded and speachless. Chosen? What if this is our little boy meant For us? Why did she choose us?

This baby will also be a bit of a legal risk. he was abandoned at the hospital a week ago and his mother was going to put him up for adoption, but couldnt bring herself to sign the paperwork. They have no way of contacting her. They still havent told us all of the details. Very important details.

Now, I have never been one to see myself with a newborn. The idea of a baby so tiny scares me. To be responsible for a life so delicate!

Knowing what I know now about attachment, what an opportunity! This almost never happens with foster adoption. To be Mom and Dad right from the hospital!

This is the hardest decision of our lives!!! We have 48 hours to decide the fate of our family and two little boys! How does one make an impossible decision like this?

When the little “darling” you have waited for isn’t so “darling”?

August 31, 2012


this is the face I see all day long

So what does a person do when the little darling that they have hoped and dreamed of for almost a decade doesn’t act so “darling”?

This is the angry face I see all day long. As some of you might remember if you are following this blog, my husband and I recently gave up on the process of being matched for a second child and decided to choose a foster child who fit the age, sex and circumstances most likely to fit with our family.

This was not something we took lightly. We also know what risks are involved in choosing this path.

We have been foster parents in the past to “temporary” kids, and have seen some bad behaviour. Nothing had prepared us for the sheer anger that this little boy has in him.

Wanting this child to be a keeper but having such a hard time with him, is messing with my head. I’m feeling massive guilt when I just can’t respond all of the time in a kind and loving manner. I even sometimes fantasize for just a millisecond about finding the “right” child for our family – as if another one would be any different.

The more love we show him, the more angry he gets. The more attention we show him, our girl gets jealous and acts up doing mean and spiteful things. Today she bit his fingers hard enough to draw blood. vicious.

At my wits end (its been 3 weeks of this now) I went online and purchased some audio recordings from Love and Logic. Finally, I think things are starting to make sense! They have a special half hour recording geared towards foster care and adoptive parents specifically. They tell about how the better job you do showing that child that you “love” them (fake it until you make it) when they enter your house, the more they will move into resistance to your love. They either feel unlovable or feel like your love is unnatural or that you will leave or reject them like all of the others did. I don’t want to add to his list of rejection.

It makes more sense getting into their little heads. I sure wish right now that this kid could talk because it feels like I would rather get a tongue lashing than a head butting. (head butting is frequent when I try to sit him on my lap to dress him-he might have a wrestling or professional sports career ahead of him).

Slightly bruised, scratched, kicked and just plain emotionally exhausted. Its a war zone in my house and I feel like I have to win a battle of love with him and then he will show his gentle side. I will take words of encouragement anywhere I can find them.

We went and did it

August 17, 2012

Last week we chose a boy. Our foster care worker found us a 18 month old boy who’s home situation is very unlikely to improve. There are no extended family to take him in. Dad is out of the picture (incarcerated for several years). So the mom already struggling to get by with no support, has taken a turn for the worse (mentally speaking). It is likely she loves her son, but her upbringing was so bad that she doesnt really know how to love him or parent. She has mental health issues.

These circumstances have worked so far in our favor to bring us this beautiful smiling little boy. Our girl 2 1/2 has accepted him as a playmate, but they have their moments. Our house is now filled with laughter and screams. Never a dull moment!

Meanwhile, we are working towards attachment to this little boy, either way regardless of what happens, we believe he deserves that. We want to be the best plan b parents we can be for him.

In the next few weeks his case will be brought to a judge. It is very likely the judge will rule him under permenant guardianship (adoptable after 30 days). The mom, who I’m told doesnt have a hope of getting her life together enough to keep her son. If she shows up in court to fight for him it will only prolong his time in foster care.

They will then have to give her a few months until the new court date. She is entitled to her process no matter how messed up she is. While her child lives in lymbo wondering if these people will be his new family.

Is it wrong to wish that she cant get out of bed that day? Maybe she is late for her bus? Or she is too busy with her new boyfriend to think about what day it is?

Please keep fingers, toes and eyes crossed for us. I will keep you posted. Your support is appreciated!!!

Foster Care…a shortcut to Adoption?

August 7, 2012

Summer has flown by and I have made a few realizations.
Waiting a year to find our boy has forced us into a holding pattern. Without this boy our family doesn’t feel complete. One girl + one boy = perfect family. Right?

Realizing this and feeling like the government has control of our lives has caused an overwhelming feeling of being frustration and being stuck in limbo. It’s time to take back our lives!

Our adoptive worker has insinuated (not in so many words) that we need to keep our “empty bed” empty and waiting for an adoptive match to be found. Meanwhile, our Foster care Social worker is getting frustrated with us since we have been turning down foster placements and filling our “empty bed” (a foster care term). 12 whole months go by…

In the past I have felt that the law of attraction (LOA) meant that we needed to keep that bed room empty, therefore the universe would want to fill it with a child.
I have been a bit obsessed with keeping myself in the mindset of LOA, and I feel it has caused me to be stuck. It has also caused me to kick myself every time I have a negative thought.

You might have noticed a bit of this in past blog posts. Please feel free to call me on it in the future. I am NOT going to kick myself anymore! I am going to take charge by not obsessing about things happening exactly like I pictured them. I am taking in a foster child that we hope to adopt. My husband, is being supportive and going along with this somewhat insane plan.

I have seen three trends happening in Alberta for the last few years.
1. Couples moving to Alberta for the best post adoption program available in Canada.
2. Foster parents adopting kids, therefore keeping them out of the adoption “pool”.
3. Couples becoming foster parents as a short cut to adoption.
A few years ago, foster parents were asked to “step up” and adopt their kids. Alberta, having the best post adoption support program in Canada, has caused people to migrate here from other provinces (providing financial support to adopted children until age 18). Many couples have become foster parents in the last two years especially as a short cut to adoption. This is where the problem for families like ours has began. These factors and others have caused a shortage of adoptable children under age 3.

Here is an example. 2 years ago when we were matched with our girl, we were told we were competing with about 10 other families. Those home assessments from those families are read and then the worker of that child chooses the “best family” for that child. Now, two years later, I am told that every time a child comes available there are 60-100 families to choose from. This is done through an automated matching system located in Edmonton. In just two years in Alberta, this is how much things have changed.

So what has annoyed us from the beginning, we will now do. “If you can’t beat ‘em then join ‘em” someone once said. Right? We are asking to be given a few young boys to choose from and we will pick the one most likely to be a “keeper”. This is going to be done almost totally blind since I could write the information given on them on the palm of my hand. We pick, and hope for a healthy child and not so healthy parents. Remember, the kids parents failing to “get it together’ is what makes the child available to us. Not a great situation.

Summer has caused the foster care system to reach capacity. Apparently hot weather causes bad situations to get worse, so many foster care apprehensions are done just prior to or over the summer. Knowing this, I would like to feel good about taking one child off of their hands. Therefore freeing up one more bed, but I need to be honest here (since I can’t be with my worker). We are taking the child for another reason. That reason is not so selfless. We are hoping to adopt him. In the foster care world this is bad, bad, bad!

I just hope I can keep it together emotionally in the meantime. Hold tight for the roller coaster! We will do just about anything at this point to adopt another child. I am sad that it has come to this. What are your thoughts? I would like to hear them regardless of what side of the fence you’re on. In fact, I am going to start a poll.


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