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My wish for this blog

November 17, 2011

What I sincerely hope that this blog will be? So many hopes to put into words. I want it to be a safe anonymous place for foster parents to share their own unique journeys of foster adoption and foster parenting. There is great value in sharing experiences, hopes, and even frustrations. This said, I want this blog to focus on ways to remain positive on the inspiring aspects of this journey. I strongly believe that we are all in this life and in our own situations for a divine reason. There is no accident that we have all wound up here, there are no coincidences in life. I believe that this will be a safe place for sharing and inspiring each other. We can touch each others lives in supporting and loving ways.

After all, anyone choosing the journey of foster adoption has chosen a difficult but extremely rewarding path. For those who join us on this journey who are unsure of whether this is the right road for them. Let this be a source of inspiration and help them to make their decision.

Anyone on this road ultimately needs help along the way to remind them why they are doing this. Don’t get me wrong, this will not be all roses and sunshine. I want to keep it real and express how we truly feel. Sometimes a warm thought of inspiration and at other times a strong shoulder.

Through the process of foster adoption i feel it can be like living your life in a bubble. Someone is always looking in and distorting what is really going on inside. Its time to feel free to express without social workers looking in and judging based on a distorted view or what some textbook taught them.  No one is writing case notes here. Let us also truly open up to each other without fear of repercussion. Let’s keep all posts anonymous.

Sending loving thoughts to all of those who have the courage to provide unconditional love to a child in need. You are your own child’s hero and with you the world is a better place for your child and you touch all of our lives.

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