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The big picture in waiting

November 22, 2011

Sometimes, going through the adoption process can get extremely frustrating. Truth be told, I’ve had my days. I find that it helps ultimately to remember that there is a plan. Someone up there has a plan for my highest good. If there are delays, there are reasons for those delays. Now, that said it is hard to think that waiting a lengthy delay to get matched with a child is part of ones “highest good”. That is a difficult concept for most to grasp and to hold on to. Everyone has a big picture of how they want their life to be. How they see their family looking and how life will be when that family is “complete”. I find it is best to focus on that. Visualize that child that you are waiting for and go online to find a photo of what you think that child would look like. What I did was paste that photo in the centre of a word document and around that photo I wrote “Our beloved Boy….We are ready for you to be part of our family”. I posted this up somewhere I was sure to see it everyday and everyday I looked at it and said to myself “we are ready, come home to us”.  I believe that this helped focus my intentions on something positive. Something to do while waiting. Now, if you believe in the law of attraction like I do, I believe it helps to bring this boy into our lives. It tells God, Jesus, the Lord, Creator or Universe (whatever you would prefer to call it) that I am ready to have this new child come into my life. This way a clear intention is set in motion and not deviated from. I don’t allow negative worrying thoughts to come into my mind after that. I firmly believe that this child is coming within a few months and that he will be the one we are seeking. The right child for us. The puzzle piece to complete our family. I hope somehow this post helps others. I welcome any comments you might have.

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