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Nature VS Nurture…the Million Dollar Question

January 14, 2012

It seems to me there is a question on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Do you think she takes after her bio parents? I honestly don’t spend much time thinking about this topic. I mean, I try not to think about her bio parents at all. Except to be thankful that they brought her into the world even though they weren’t equipped to take care of her. If they were to have another child then I would eagerly accept that child as well and be thankful that he/she came into the world. I frequently get the question “Can’t they just fix her, force her to get her tubes tied so she can’t have any more?”. It’s funny that in 2012 in a civilized country such as ours that someone would think of doing something they can’t even do in Africa.

I’m getting off topic. I really don’t look at my daughter and think about whether she looks like her mom or dad or if she sounds like them or has the same mannerisms etc. When I look at her I think, wow…she’s copying me! I do that face! At the beginning and the end of the day she is our child, not theirs. They had sperm, egg and womb. Nothing more for her. Thank you for carrying her for 9 months and for taking decent care of yourself while you were pregnant.

We are the ones that are raising her to be who she is and the adult she will one day become.  One day she will be curious to know what they look like or to meet them.  We will encourage her to do it because their blood runs through her veins.  We know that her heart and soul is forever connected to us because we are her parents.

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